Unbelievable things Siri can do for you!

Unbelievable things Siri can do for you!

What Unbelievable things Siri can do!

We are going to talk about what unbelievable things Siri can do for you.

Siri voice app totally changes our daily lifestyle experience and also created a great revolution in the whole world.

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What is Siri?

Siri is a speech-recognition computer application and also an Apple Virtual Assistant. Basically, this app is specially built for iPhone users. It came out from with many impressive features which make our work very easier and very helpful.

Unbelievable things Siri can do for you!

It makes our iPhones devices become very understanding and very impressive. Siri makes our work very easy and essential to our modern life along with that the most useful things you didn’t know Siri can do for you. Siri solves many of the problems you can find and ask many of the things form her.

If you want to find something so you can take help of Siri you can give a command to her to find that stuff. Siri voice app can give answers to any damn questions if you ask her and so much funny things Siri can do. She can do a lot of cool stuff.

Sometimes people things what things to say to Siri to get her mad and what funny things Siri can do. Here is some stuff that people asks from Siri
In this article, we want to go through and highlight some of the things that Siri can do. You might be surprised at how versatile and useful it is. What about the useful things you can ask Siri. We covered some useful things Siri can do many of which you’ve probably never heard of.

Opening up Siri:

Siri can easily be activated by holding down the home button on your iOS devices until it beeps and Siri interface appear. It can also be enabled by just saying to your iPhone that “Hey Siri”.
After saying “Hey Siri” Siri will start and you can ask things form her.

Siri can connect you with anyone :

Siri connects with you with anyone of your family or your friends. Just by saying the words “Call” she established a connection with them whichever you want to call. She automatically dials your iPhone and connects with that person.

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Create Reminder and lists:

Siri just helps to create reminder very easily to just saying that “Hey Siri”, remind me to “go to the Gym at 4 pm.” Moreover, she also creates a list, like a shopping list you just say to Siri “add apples to my shopping list”. Siri can save our time to opening up the calendar and create a reminder on that.

Unbelievable things Siri can do for you!

Create Event:

If we want to go somewhere or create some event and you need to add something on calender Siri can also do that for you. Just simply say Siri to create event whatever you want to create she will enter all that into your calendar for you. Creating an event or Reminder by Siri is so much faster than doing it manually.

Set alarm

Siri helps us to set an alarm. By using of Siri you say things such as “Wake me up tomorrow at 6 am” if you want to change an alarm you can say things such as “Turn of my 6 am alarm”. Then your alarm will be off. You don’t have a need to open your phone and turned on your alarm.

Navigate and traffic updates:

At the time of driving or you are going somewhere then you need you check out your phone for finding and it takes time a lot. Especially at the time of driving when you are alone driving your car, it cannot be easy to find destination but Siri’s most useful feature is her Navigation skill and her ability to keep you informed about traffic conditions. You don’t need to check your phone just say to Siri and she will help you to find that location or destination.

Playing songs

You can ask Siri to play songs from your music playlist. Whichever songs you want to listen to Siri can play for you. If you want to listen your favorite artist song Siri can also play that track for you. If you don’t have any music from them on your iPhone then Siri can queue them up on Apple Music Station and plays for you.

You can also ask it to play specific albums, and basic control like pause, play, skip and many other things Siri can do for you.

Launch app

It becomes very easy to open an app by just say “Launch (app name)” or “Open (app name)”. You can also use Siri to find an app from the App Store.

Search photos by time or location.

If you want to see some of your picture from your gallery in a specific place or time then you can say “Show me photos from Miami beach at last April”.

Siri Can Do Math

If you want to solve sums and you don’t have to perform as complicated calculations. Siri helps you to solve calculations she also converts measurements.

Restaurants Reservation

If you want to go out to dinner or you want to reserve some place for an occasion then you can also do that by using Siri. You just say “Make a dinner reservation for tonight at 8 pm”. Siri will show you list of the restaurants that have the tables for available for you that time. You can reserve the table you want.

Keep up-to-date with Sport information

Some people are interested in sports and they want score updates time to time. In that case, Siri will help you to know about the sports updates time to time. Siri can tell you scores and more. For example, you can say “Are India winning” or “what is Virat Kohli score” and much more.

Check Stock Prices and Performance

You can check the stock price and performance of the market by asking “What is the price of Apple stock” and to know the performance say “Compare apple and Samsung stock price”.

Movie Time or Location

When you can’t decide that what movie you have to watch at your local movie theater then Siri can help you to decide that. She will give you the movie timing, review and many other details about it.

Need a Better Password

If you need a better password then Siri creates a secure and good password for our better security.

Read Text Messages & Sent Text Message

When if you’re driving a car and someone sends you a message and you won’t have to pull over to read it at that time Siri helps out you to read it.

Along with that if you want to send a message to someone then you can just tell Siri to text someone. For Example “Text and tell him I’ll be home for Halloween”.

Give Yourself a Nickname

If you don’t want Siri will speak your name, you can tell it to call you by another name.

if you don’t like the new nickname, or you want a different one, you can change it at any time by simply asking Siri to call you something else.

You can ask any kinds of things and search many things from Siri. She helps you out to find that. Really unbelievable things Siri can do.

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