Eyeball Tattoo: The New Trend of Tattooing!

Eyeball Tattoo

Eyeball Tattoo: The New Modification of Eyes

Now Eyeball Tattoo has become a trend into the people and also it has become the fashion among the peoples. They feel very cool and they look very cool in tattoos. Therefore, Tattoo makes them happy or feels right in some way. It makes them different from others. Basically, Tattoo is injected into our body parts but nowadays life has been changed tattoos are injecting on eyes, in the white part of the eyes.
We are going to talk about Eyeball Tattoo.

1)What is Eyeball Tattoo?

2)Are Eyeball Tattoos Permanent?

3)Eyeball Tattoo Risky or Dangerous?

Let’s start now…

1) What is Eyeball Tattoo?

Eyeball Tattoo is like a tattoo but it is not like an ordinary tattoo on our outer body parts. This tattoo creates on our Sclera or white of the eyes. It is totally a body modification. Ink Injecting process performed on that place of eyes which is white. Eyeball Tattoo was invented by Lunar Cobra. He is a tattoo artist and master on it, like a magician of tattoo he also invents Sclera Tattoo, which means tattoo will be created on our white outer layer of the eyeball portion of eyes. It can be color by different-different colors which look like very scary and dangerous.

Eyeball Tattoo

2) Are Eyeball Tattoos Permanent?

Eyeball Colouring is a new extreme body modification. People are Experimenting with a technique that makes this possible. Ink inject on the White part of the eyes then it creates a Scary Eyeball tattoo. So it looks beautiful but it is dangerous to eyes. This tattoo is permanent, Once if you fill this tattoo in your eyes it will never remove and this is permanently filled with colors. Moreover, some people think that it can be resolved but it cannot be removed because Body modification uses Laser to remove tattoos, tattoo removal is the best method to eliminate your tattoo, but it cannot be used for eyes, it can harm your eyes. Eyeball tattoo does not hurt so much because the prevalence of Sclera Tattoo is usually not significantly painful.

3) Is Eyeball Tattoo Risky or Dangerous?

There are so many Risks on eye coloring or by Slecra Tattoo. It could harm your eyesight, you can suffer from Myopia, Headaches, sensitivity to light these problems you people can face from Sclera Tattoo. There are so many risks with injecting too much ink, due to ink migration. Don’t do it unless you will have to regret that if you want that you are willing to take on the risk of yours. In addition, Most of the cases scenario this thing happens with people: blindness or even complete less of your eyes and life threating complications.
If you guys want more about Eyeball Tattoo and Watch some pictures then go to this link http://lunacobra.net/services/eyeball-tattooing you will see there a lot of pictures of Eye Tattoos.

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